After Party Cleaning

Meet After Party Cleaning Expert Company In Auckland


After a massive party, can you think about cleaning your home? Can you wake up to a messy home? If No, hire us!


We are experts in cleaning the dirtiest apartment or home after a big party! The moment you think of hosting a huge party, you must hire us! We engage in pre-party and after party cleaning. With our expertise and special equipment, we will make sure every corner in your home is clean.


After party cleaning services auckland

Why us?

Our professional after party cleaning services begin with the empty bottles and plates. We collect and dispose of/clean all dirty glasses, plates, dishes and other garbage from your home. We dust glassware, mirrors and make sure everything in your home is touched clean!


Our experts will make sure your home is mopped and vacuumed too! We have special equipment to handle all sorts of surfaces and textures. Few important areas we focus on are:

  • Kitchen – after any party (big or small), the kitchen becomes dirty. You are bound to see dirty plates, glasses, and dishes. We will make sure your kitchen is sparkling and shining. From surfaces to cupboards to appliances, everything will be cleaned.
  • Bathrooms – our talented team disinfects and scrubs the shower, sink, toilet, and vanity clean. Of course, we have special gears to vacuum and mop bathrooms too!
  • Other areas – With years of experience, we know how to get rid of stubborn stains from walls and upholstery. We clean all types of surfaces with professional methods and state-of-art technology.


What do we handle?

Our services cover the following events: baby showers, corporate events, sports gatherings, weddings, exhibitions, shows, home parties, birthdays and much more! Remember, our only goal is customer satisfaction. You have the freedom to customize our services. You can add/remove services based on your cleaning needs.

Let’s get started! Discover how clean your home/office can get. Call Us Now!