Carpet Cleaning

Affordable Carpet Cleaning Services at the Comforts of your home In Auckland!

We have the skill and expertise to access properties anywhere. All our quotes include deodorization and stain removal too! We will make sure all residual odors and dust mites are removed from your home. Indeed, these particles can cause a host of health issues.

Thoughtful work!

If we believe a carpet is impossible and totally damaged, we will inform about it to you! We always begin work after several hours of serious assessments.

Post-assessments you will receive a comprehensive quote with details of the techniques and agents used. Carpets come in different styles, materials, and sizes. Cleaning methods differ from one carpet to another. This is the kind of knowledge we have mastered with experience.



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The techniques and agents used by our experts will enhance the overall lifetime of your carpets. Your stained, faded and dirty carpets will be improved effectively and quickly. Even if your carpets are used in high traffic areas and have picked up dirt for years, fear not!


Buying carpet cleaning equipment is an expensive decision. And, it takes lots of patience and effort while using this equipment. By hiring us, you don’t have to worry about anything! We will bring all necessary equipment and agents to your property. You will be surprised to see how our experts handle the dirty, dull looking carpets!


Why Us?

We are a team of trained professionals with award-winning experience in carpet cleaning. Our company uses efficient cleaning machines that can reuse 95% of the water involved in the process. Over the past few years, we have cleaned hundreds of upholstery and carpets for customers throughout the city. All our technicians are certified to engage in fabric, carpet and upholstery cleaning. This means, your carpets will be cleaned at highest possible standards.

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