Spring Cleaning

Hire Spring Cleaning Specialists In Auckland?

Every home has to be cleaned at least once a year! And, spring is believed to be that ideal time.

Historically, spring cleaning became famous for all the dirt & dust from burning coal & wood! Cold winter nights made spring cleaning an unavoidable task. On the other hand, every home needs “Big Cleaning” to get rid of mud marks, cobwebs, and heavy dirt traffic. Spring cleaning is also the best time of the year to identify goods that can be kept, donated or be disposed!  So, open your windows, move the furniture and call us! We will take care of your deep spring cleaning mission.


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Why Us?

For years, our team has mastered the art of spring cleaning. We offer reliable and thorough cleaning services. Here are few extras we focus on:

  • Wash all commonly touched areas like skirting boards, window frames, and doors.
  • Remove all contents from the kitchen and clean them exhaustively.

Our company offers professional spring cleaning services to make your property look spotless. May it be polishing tiles, cleaning windows or clearing the sink – our cleaners are trained to deal with all kinds of spring challenges.

We will make sure you have a happy, clean house for “spring”!

Affordable Carpet Cleaning

We take pride in offering customized spring cleaning programs. All our services can be customized to suit your budget and requirements. Whether you need monthly assistance, weekly cleaning or once-a-year service, you can count on us!

Our spring cleaning services are offered at unbeatable rates.

Ask the Expert

Our team uses non-toxic and natural cleaning products. We believe that the techniques and products used during the process matter the most. All our strategies for cleaning your home are deep and healthy. We stick to a safety protocol that is good for your home.

Let’s get started! Discover how clean your home/office can get. Call Us Now!