We have a unique business model for all franchisees to benefit from. Our model addresses the needs of time-starved business owners and homeowners.

In this modern era, property owners have very little time to clean. This is when talented cleaning companies become useful. A professional cleaning company can assist busy homeowners and businesses in many ways. The company follows a standard procedure for training its technicians. If you are signed to become a franchise, you will receive comprehensive training! Our experts will create a customized plan to optimize your results.

We understand that every business needs a strategic plan to grow. Feel lucky, we will help you with your plan!


Let Training Begin

Over the years, we have mastered cleaning services. Whether you want your home or office to be cleaned, we can help you! Our marketing team, management, and technicians are pioneers in the market. We always begin with intense training sessions. The moment you become a franchise, your training starts!

We cover many critical things in a quick and effective fashion. Your technicians and cleaners will have the opportunity to learn from experienced franchisees. We have gone through everything you are experiencing now! So, fear not!

Our training doesn’t stop with pen and paper. We offer practical sessions too. These sessions are hosted with state of art equipment and supplies.

Here are few interesting facts about our training sessions:

  • We offer administrative and hands-on cleaning sessions. These sessions are offered at our state of art premises.
  • The training program is carefully planned to cover all important aspects!
  • We provide descriptive guides and illustrated examples
  • We offer professional training on customer support
  • We will train you on a wide range of cleaning equipment and techniques (remember, these techniques can be customized to suit your cleaning needs).


Round the Clock Assistance

“Round the clock support” is one of our key selling points. We have experts to take care of all cleaning services.

Do you know that every part of cleaning forms a different department? There are special tricks on how you clean a kitchen. And, there is one-of-a-kind equipment for cleaning living rooms with expensive carpets. You should use the right equipment and methods for a clean home. If you are new to cleaning services, don’t worry! Our talented technicians will make sure you are aware of everything required to launch a successful, reliable firm.

Our supports are not limited to the following:

  • Periodic peer to peer coordination
  • Weekly updates and newsletters
  • Workshops on new cleaning methods! As franchisees, you can suggest topics. Always bear in mind that the topics focus on improving our business operations.
  • Regular feedbacks and suggestions from the leaders

We have understood the importance of prompt support. This is why our company has a dedicated team to offer round the clock support to franchisees. You can call or visit our office. Remember to book an appointment before the visit. Feel free to choose the location and time.


Exquisite Marketing Schemes

We believe in sound marketing strategies. For any business to grow, a perfect marketing scheme should be pulled together. For years, we have focused on finding, filtering, gathering and holding onto our customers. In our business model, customers mean everything. Our goal is to establish a strong brand with high-quality services and unique core values.

When you become a franchise, we will guide you throughout the process. Here are few important components in our marketing tool-kit:

  • Access to our trained marketers
  • Online websites, social media network sites, and other promotions
  • Access to our important promotional partners
  • Interesting, informational magazines on home cleaning
  • A well-established brand
  • Access to latest marketing standards and information

Our list of marketing tools doesn’t stop here! We understand the challenge in finding and retaining customers. We have gone through the same journey.

Without our marketing strategies, you will have no worries finding clients. Whether you are looking for residential or commercial customers, don’t worry! We will fine tune your chances of business growth and success. Also, you will be able to offer high-quality services.

By sticking to our business model, customers will love to avail your cleaning services.


Our Success Model

Our company believes in intense training and hands-on experience. All our current franchises are second to none! We take care of one-to-one and group training sessions. As mentioned previously, all the training happen effectively and quickly. When you learn from experienced cleaners, you are bound to cover everything. So, don’t think twice! Go ahead and become a part of our success stories.

Our business model will definitely change the way you clean homes and keep customers satisfied. We promise a long-term relationship with no stones unturned.

To know more about our franchise programs for you, call us or drop a mail!